Fish in a Tree from Andrea

A recommendation from our students! 10/10 for Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s Fish in a Tree available Bookshare. Through the voice of Ally, this book captures the challenges but ultimately the creativity and strengths of a diagnosis of dyslexia.

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn from Betsy

Choosing a favorite is nearly impossible – I love books, which is one reason I feel so lucky to help Bookshare grow! A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a tale of poverty and grit. Some of the main character’s experiences are familiar to me, and I cheered for her all the way. It covered some […]

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The Secret from Sonal

i came across this life changing book some 7 years back and if i even try to describe in breif what it did for me, well it would be that it became the oxygen i lived by while going through a tremendously rough patch with my disability. This book gave me hope, taught me the […]

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The Seven Silly Eaters from Calle

My mom read this book to me a lot throughout my childhood before I Lost my site. I have so many great memories of her sitting in bed with me reading this bedtime story to me. I used to love looking at all of the fun pictures. She always read it with a great voice […]

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A Christmas Carol from Sanjog

I read this book for the first time in my 8th grade, and for the second time during my graduation. This book is about an industrialist/businessman, whose nature changes from a self-centered and anti-social person to a loving and caring pro-social person, because of a dream. I love this book as it teaches to appreciate […]

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